• Paraffin Therapy

    Hot paraffin hand bath is an excellent remedy for skin moisturizing, softening and arthritis. The procedure is pleasant and useful. It includes massage and removal of exposed skin cells.

  • Kuma Shape

    Kuma Shape is a unique anti-cellulite program with a modern and effective Kuma Shape system. The goal of the program is to help people get rid of cellulite which causes aesthetic discomfort, eliminates double-chins, and subtracts postpartum and postoperative strains. Among the 4 impulses of the system are: infrared rays, Rf energy, vacuum system, and active rotating cylinders that intensively massage the subcutaneous grease, increase the skin’s flexibility, and improve blood supply to the tissues. The result has a cumulative nature and is most expressed after 4-6 procedures. The course lets you eliminate the “orange peel” like skin and correction of the body size, smooth skin relief, strengthen the walls of the vessels and prevent the appearance of scabies and warts. The stimulation promotes fast and excellent results.

  • Body massage and wraps

    An integral part of body care is the body massage and as well as wraps with chocolate, mud, and algae essence. The gentle music, the skillful hands of the specialist, and the positive aura will bring you peace of mind and body. The center provides classic massage, therapeutic massage and anticellulite massage.

  • Myostimulation

    In modern cosmetology, myostimulation is used to model the body by increasing or strengthening muscle mass. The current causes the muscle to actively contract, at the same time affects the walls of blood vessels, improves blood and lymph circulation, speeds up metabolism, which leads to local lipolysis. It is very effective for the recovery of abdominal muscles in the postpartum period. Myostimulation of the back muscles can have a beneficial therapeutic effect on both osteochondrosis and the work of internal organs. In the absence of neutrinoids and cysts, myostimulation improves the contour of the chest muscles. It will be good to combine it with wraps and massages.